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IFRS readiness and compliance

Milliman IFRS 17 Readiness Assessment Tool

To assist companies with implementation, we have developed the Milliman IFRS 17 Readiness Assessment Tool, which companies and groups can use to prepare for implementation of the standard and prioritise areas within their implementation projects.

With the release of the IFRS 17 insurance contracts standard, companies need to start planning for implementation.

The tool enables both life and non-life (re)insurance companies to easily monitor and assess their readiness for, and compliance with, IFRS 17 while identifying work remaining in key areas and assisting with project planning.

Key features of the Milliman IFRS 17 Readiness Assessment Tool include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Automatic links to relevant sections of the IFRS 17 standard and guidance
  • Summary of readiness dashboard
  • Project planning dashboard
  • Group-level dashboard
  • Consideration of other business areas such as readiness of systems and processes and strategic considerations

For more information, please download the full brochure.

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